Stronger Relationships In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, two star-crossed lovers from Verona, Romeo and Juliet, grow up in enemy households, Montague and Capulet, respectively. The title characters ultimately take their lives because they are not allowed to express their love and their plan to escape backfires on them. Romeo and Juliet’s strong love-based relationship plus their relationships with others have a great influence over their lives. Therefore, it’s important to convey true feelings and honest opinions to the other in order to help and guide them to make the right choice and build stronger relationships.

R&J’s lives are significantly impacted by the mutual love they share in which they also share their feeling for each other guiding them to build a stronger relationship and make the right choice for them; marriage. After the Capulet party, Romeo sneaks into Juliet’s backyard and hearing Juliet confess her love for him, decides to confront her about their shared love. During their conversation, Juliet worries that they might be caught and penalized for
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“My life were better ended by their hate” means that Romeo would be happier to die in the hands of Capulet’s hate for a Montague or their hatred for blossoming love between the enemy households and be caught than be “death prorogued, wanting of thy love” which is submitting to his death lacking Juliet’s love while he’s alive. than live without Juliet. To make their dialogue even more intense, Romeo adds “Than death
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