Structural Analysis Of Psycho

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An analysis of Psycho

In this essay, I will discuss how the structural elements of narrative with Tzvetan Todorov’s theory, the props and the POVs work together to direct audiences’ responses. Moreover, I will use Graeme Turner’s “meanings” to discuss one oppositional reading that I produce.

First of all, In Todorov’s theory, he believe there is a basic structural pattern to narratives, all narrative is a movement between two equilibriums, which can divided into equilibrium to Disequilibrium (Disruption: Something happen to disrupt that normality, Recognition of the disruption, Attempts to repair the disrurtion) to new equilibrium.

In the film Psycho, it start with Marion Crane and her underground lover Sam Loomis meeting in a cheap hotel
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Thirdly, Marion arrived at Norman Bates Motel after facing number of problem, she stays for the night and gets killed, meanwhile, Marion’s boss, her sister Lila Crane, Sam and the detective Milton Arbogast recognized she is missing with the $40,000.

Fourly, Sam, Lila and Det.Milton is looking for Marion and the $40,000 cash, Det.Milton arrived at Norman’s motel and get killed in the house next to the motel, after that Lila and Sam also arrived the motel to find out what happen to her sister Marion.

Lastly, for the new equilibrium, Lila and Sam found out Norman is a psychopath and serial killer who killed his own mother, his mother’s lover, Marion, Det.Milton and two other girls, Norman had been arrested, Marion car had been found. The question “what happen to Marion?” and “who is the killer, Norman or his mother ?” have been anwser, new equilibrium are reached.

As for the transformation involves in the narrative, we can see Norman’s “mother” personality had take control of him, other transformation like Marion’s death are also being show to

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