Structural Building Structure

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This chapter gives an overview about the structure detailing of the building, material properties, loads considered and basic assumption of the building considered, in the present study. In structural designing it is important to prepare a systematic model of the building in which proper beam column arrangement are prepared. This chapter deals with basic assumptions taken in the study.
In this chapter detailed study of G+3 RCC frame building modelled with fixed support is presented and the type of building model considered.
Type of building usage considered in the present study is a residential building. The building is supposed to be at Uttrakhand, India in seismic zone 4.
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Live load is taken 2kn/m2. According to IS1893:2002 seismic weight of the building is taken as Dead load+25% for live load up to 3kn/m2 and if live load is larger than 3kn/m2 than dead load +50% of live load. Apart from this self-weight of beam and column, infill weight and parapet weight are considered.
3.6 Structural
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First one is in which brick masonry is the load taken members, which are obsolete now days and in the second type reinforced concrete frame structure is constructed and the brick masonry wall is used as a packing carnal. Construction of the building by using the first method is only reliable when the building has to resist only vertical loads. But frame type system is suitable for the resisting of vertical as well as horizontal load. In the earthquake lying down area frame structure buildings are constructed from the safety point of view. A frame structure (building) is considered in the present study and in which beam and column are modelled. Beam and column joint is the important factor in the RC frame. Beam and column joint is the portion where the column and beam intersect at each other. Large forces are develop in the joint at the time of the earthquake which affects the counter of the building. In the conventional design of practice check for the beam column joint is not critical, but for the seismic point of view it is necessary to check the joint. In the study beam –column joints are taken as rigid joints. The basic need of the joint design improves the shear strength of the joint. Beam column joint are of three types, interior joint, exterior and corner

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