Structural Engineering Personal Statement

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“Where talents and the needs of the world cross, therein lies your vocation” (Aristotle)
My undergraduate studies at the University of Tehran (UT) were a valuable opportunity to seek my talents, interests, and the needs of the world to find their intersection. It helped me become well acquainted with different areas of Civil Engineering, among which I took a special interest in structural engineering.
Looking for something beyond the routine undergraduate courses, I embarked on a research career early, by the beginning of my second year as an undergraduate student; which, indeed, proved to be very challenging. Every day I had to wake up early in the morning and work late after the midnight to keep up with my classes so as to remain a top student
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These research projects were intended to propose new elements that, contrary to the conventional elements, are capable of reflecting the mechanical properties of the beam. These new elements have the advantage of being super-convergent and reducing the computational costs. This entailed studying numerous published papers and reference books. Among them, the brilliant books authored by Prof. J.N. Reddy and Prof. K.J. Bathe turned out to be the most inspiring, boosting my interest in FEM and applied mechanics. Also, I am presently working on a new numerical method for analysis of functionally graded rectangular plates. By virtue of these research experiences, I have learned many important things such as how to work with MATLAB and Maple, write a paper, manage references, tackle a new problem, and so forth. However, all these skills seem insignificant compared with something truly invaluable; that is, realizing how fascinated I am by delving into a particular subject to solve a problem, how gratifying it is for me to discover something new, and how appealing I find a life intertwined with
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