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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I would like to introduce myself as C Venkateswar Reddy an Engineering Graduate from Vignan Institute of Technology and Sciences affiliated to JNTU, Hyderabad, India. I choose to take up Civil Engineering as my major because it seemed to encompass me all the facets of my interest. Indeed, the course structure offered by the Department of Civil Engineering in our college is quite outstanding and my perspective and understanding have received tremendous fillips. I was formally introduced to the field of Structural Engineering in my second year of under graduation through the subject “Strength of Materials”. This part of the course laid the groundwork and stipulated interest in me towards structures and this made me inclined to pursue Structural Engineering as my major in masters. Design courses like Steel Structures design and drawing,…show more content…
In this project, we went on to study the fracture behaviour of notched High Strength Concrete Beams. The fracture parameters are determined by measuring the maximum loads of geometrically similar notched high strength concrete (M80 and M90) specimens of various sizes with different notch depths under mid-span bending through load deflecting curves. The variation of fracture energy and the stress intensity factor at the tip of the crack as a function of the specimen size and notch depth were determined analytically using the software ANSYS APDL. My decision to pursue graduate studies in Civil Engineering is indeed one of the most significant decisions of my academic career. A graduate study is essential to strengthen the foundation of fundamental concepts that have been laid during my present course of study and provided me with sufficient grip. I sincerely believe that graduate education can help mould a creative, mature and curious frame of mind. I wish to earn an MS degree in Civil

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