Structural Equation Modeling Research

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4.9. The use of Structural Equation Modeling
Research methodology means a framework for the researcher to carry out the study to achieve the research objectives. In this section, discuss about the method which is applied. It has been increased the use of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) in research in many study areas such as psychology, sociology, education, political science, education and economics etc. (Khine, 2013; Lei & Wu, 2007; Anderson & Gerbing, 1988). SEM was conceived by Wright in 1918. The goal of the factor analysis is to summarize data or obtain the latent variables, but the goal of the SEM is to test the structural relationships in compliance with existing research theories and findings. Hoyle (1995) defines SEM as a “comprehensive
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However, Byrne (2010) posits that SEM as the path analysis with latent variables. This implies that hybrid of factor analysis and path analysis. Latent variables must be defined in term of observed variables (Khine, 2013). Sadeghi and Farokhian (2010) state SEM as “creating a statistical model for the study of linear relations between latent (unviewed, unobserved or factors) variables and evident (viewed, observed, indicator variable or manifest) variables”, further highlighted that SEM is a powerful statistical tool that combines a measurement model (affirmative factor analysis) and the structural model (regression of path analysis) into one statistical synchronic test”. SEM encompasses variety of statistical techniques which are path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, causal modeling with latent variables,…show more content…
The relationships between observed and latent variables are explained by the measurement model while the interrelationships among the latent variables or constructs are depicted by the structural model. The combination of these two models forms the full structural model (Byrne, 2010). Basically, this study tries to identify antecedent conditions which influence for adoption and use of e-government services in Sri Lanka. Identification of the structural relationship between latent constructs is essential. SEM facilitates better environment to assess the construct validity of the latent variables and provides structural path relations. Hence, researcher is motivated to use SEM for the

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