Structural Family Case Study

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An exploration how the client’s differences contribute to the client’s conflict? In this case, each individual is dealing with different issues that are affecting their relationships within the family. Randy is dealing with the fact that every time he drinks, he acts inappropriate. Linda seems to care about Abby, but the relationship that Linda has with Randy is affecting Abby. Abby, feels unsafe around her dad and feels that her mother does not support her. The fact that Randy is disrespectful to Abby every time he drinks, it has made Abby not to trust her dad. For that reason, their daughter and father relationship is already damaged. Dad is not aware of his behavior when he is drunk, and even though he apologized before, his actions has already…show more content…
Abby reports that her mother is very organized, expects everything to be in its place all the time and has rules for everything. Based on this information, we can conclude that the mother is the one with the most power, the one that makes the decisions and takes responsibility. Additionally, it seems like before there was a subsystem between Abby and her dad. Abby stated that they used to have a good relationship. However, everything changed after Abby turned 12 years old. On the other hand, Abby feels that there has been always some boundaries between her and her mother because her mom is so strict that she never listens to Abby’s request. Abby feels that her mother has never been a nurturing person. Therefore, that boundaries is not allowing Abby and her mom to have a good relationship. After the incident at Abby’s birthday party, the family system changed. As a result, that changed directly affected Abby and her parents’ relationship. After that, the subsystem that she had with dad was not there anymore. The structural in the family changed, as well as the interaction between the members of the
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