Structural Family Systems

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All in the Family, A Way of Life
The family system relationships or family's dynamics in recovery goal are to regain control with interventions, to sustain stability and adhere to the change in the family subsystems. The perception of a family system is to maintain stability, constant change, and increase the complexity over time. “The process of substance abuse trickle down and affect not just the individual, but the entire family because of genetics, physiological, emotional or family functions factors” (Cook, 2007, pg.131).
Another key point, is the ability to adapt and change when in recovery mode and sustain in way of empowering family strengths and resources, to lessen the impact of substance abuse. Secondly, the family recovery system
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Secondly, establishing a safe place for all family members, map out the boundaries, determine who is the hierarchy in the family structure by evaluating and assessing the family, and transform the structure by diminishing the signs/indicators identified in the assessment with intervention methods. The key concepts of structural family therapy include family rules, sustain homeostasis, compose healthy relationships and principles, by examining the cover or overt rules that govern the family. Furthermore, instill the pattern/function within the family to address challenges head-on without chaos and dysfunction, to join the family system and understand the symmetrical relationships, while recovery of an individual…show more content…
Also, community support groups assist in encouraging and reminding an individual/s of the consequences of alcohol and other drugs and the benefits of abstinence and sobriety of substance abuse. “Surviving normal and unexpected traumatic events require human beings to rely on community connections and family support, so people can grow stronger through adversity, rather than being overwhelmed from the issues affecting homeostasis” (Landau, 2010, pg. 522). Nevertheless, community resources are a total supportive measure with substance abuse with the goal to incorporate harm reduction and minimize direct/indirect effects of substance use. With the attention to, family health, social economics, and the environment associated with substance abuse, to reduce the risk and an amount of substance abuse

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