Structural Function Of Migration In America

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America “home of the free”, that the nation motto for people migrating there. Each year millions and millions of people migrated to America in hopes to find a better life. Either in hope of starting a new life, to run away from poverty, or just find a place of security for their family. Even though the intentions are good, society does not find beneficial. If looked at from a structural function theory, it hurts the nation as whole, due to imbalance and un-controllable amount of people into the nation. For Conflict theory, it seems the only way for all people of any background to come into the nation. The structural function of migration in America would seem fit for any nation, especially in America. Where everyone wants to come to achieve the American dream. Structural function keeps any nation stable and in harmony. When handle with proper care, everyone can benefit from it. The structure function provides accountability to everyone enter or leaving. It manifest allows people to enter at a reasonable amount and it Latent destiny prevents an overwhelming of people in the into the nation. Without accountability, we would not know how many people are in the country and that can be a problem to the nation stability and its people. An example can be, if you go to a party that is invite only. The party is not crowd and everyone has room to move around and enjoy them self, structure function at it finest. But if order and structure was not there, and everyone at any time can

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