Structural Functionalism In American Culture

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Living in America, they are many cultures blended together and trying to live in harmony has always had it setbacks and upbringings. Structural functionalist attempt to provide order and cohesiveness in society. Sometimes one culture’s norm is completely opposite of another cultures norm. This is when conflict theorist sees sub-cultures different and ethnocentrism is accessing one culture standards over another. As members of society, we did not just get our beliefs from one culture, it has taken years and exposure to create our norm. As a symbolic interactionist, we take bits and pieces of culture and share the culture we create. With technology advancing as much as it has, it has even made our world smaller and exposed us to more cultures.…show more content…
Emile Durkheim social facts Social in this culture, were sexuality out of heterosexuality has been frond upon, and how society has held itself together. Emilee Durkheim theory allowed to observe the normal and abnormal functioning and how to look at change and handle change. He was the founder of the structural functionalist paradigm and social facts, “- consisting of manners of acting, thinking, and feeling external to the individual which are invested with coercive power and virtue of which the exercise control over him.” This is important to understanding why individuals are influenced by social facts. Many American’s do things because they see everyone else doing it and think they must follow along. The issue with discrimination of intersex, is that they were not accepted by mainstream Christians for many generation and still struggle with discrimination and laws. Many Americans decided to get married to the opposite sex, only for fearing their unacceptance to society. This common consciousness may be the reason for many high divorce rates in American. When individual’s common consciousness is weakened, people feel less connected with their society. Durkheim claimed why there is increased amount of suicides during this period of…show more content…
This could cause the participates not to act in their natural way, knowing that they are in an experiment. Participate participation could be a great way to get to fully experience how someone is treated daily, but there could be some ethical concerns with pretending to be intersexual. Intersexual Ethnography in a setting like at a school could be an efficient way to note interactions with others. The only observations you would be getting is only in that environment. A case study could be conducted on an individual who is experiencing discrimination in America for being intersexual. Secondary Data Analysis of intersexual relationships vary from history and different cultures. This would give the researcher an idea how sexual relationship have changes over time and how society has made these social norms. The best type of research, is field research, due to the fact, that people are in their natural environments and are in their normal environment. All the methods can gather useful information for social fundamentalist to solve issue, which ultimately create harmony among societies. Also, provde information of the conflicts of

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