Structural Functionalism In Family Guy

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Family Guy is an adult animated sitcom created by American producer, Seth Macfarlane. The show focuses on the Griffins, an elementary family consisting of main protagonists – Peter Griffin, his wife Lois and their three children Chris, Meg, Stewie and their talking dog, Brian.
Family Guy is unlike any television sitcom. It was created to break all the social norms and ignores all the laws of most television shows. In the show, we see all the common issues and stereotypes in popular media that most American’s deal with today. The show strives to expose all the preconceived notions and beliefs society has put in place and mocks ALL stereotypes. The show portrays both low and high culture in general and makes fun of them, but at the same time does not encourage it. Most people who watch Family Guy can relate strongly. That’s because the show acts like a mirror and we the audience are forced to take a look at ourselves, but at the same time providing amusement and humor for the reflection.
Throughout the show we see common pop culture concepts cited. One example would be Social-Conflict Theory. Propounded by Karl Marx, the theory claims that individuals or groups
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Structural-functionalism or functionalism, are groups of individuals who advocate, or work according to the principles of functionalism. The show however, portrays behavior that is clearly not functional and could be considered dysfunctional for society. But, there are examples of groups of people or individuals who work together for the well-being of the town. For instance, Quahogs news crew which consist of anchors and reporters work together the provide news for the town. The Quahog Police Department. Joe Swanson, a police officer, plays his part in serving his community by keeping the town safe from criminals. The teachers at James Woods High School, doctors in a hospital, and an airport all play their roll to keep society
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