Structural Functionalism Living Wage

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Living wage reflects what income required for a household to meet their basic needs, once government transfers have been added to the family's income and deductions have been subtracted. Its also a call to private and public sector employers to pay wages to both direct and contract employees sufficient to provide the basics to families with children. Living wage include gets families out of severe financial stress by lifting them out of poverty and providing a basic level of economic security. Living wage also enables working families to have sufficient income to cover reasonable costs, promotes social inclusion, supports healthy child development principles, ensures that families are not under severe financial stress, is a conservative, reasonable…show more content…
How might the following 3 theoretical approaches explore the topic of poverty in the family - structural functionalism, social conflict, symbolic interactionism? Structural functionalism a framework for building theory that sees society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability (Macionis et al,2013, p.10). Structural functionalism can be a very valuable theory when addressing poverty. It focuses on the structure of things and can be used to analyze the effects that structure has on poverty. One main point of the structural functionalism theory is that the erection of a family directly impacts their likelihood of living in poverty. According to Macionis et al stated that the structural-functionalist perspective, poverty, and economic inequality serve several positive functions for society (Macionis et al 2015). Davis and Moore (1945) argued that because the various occupational roles in society require various levels of ability, expertise, and knowledge, an unequal economic reward system helps to assure that the person who performs a role is the most qualified. Argued Davis and Moore thesis states that social stratification is universal because of its functional consequences. in caste system, people are rewarded for performing the duties of their position of birth, in class systems, unequal rewards attract the ablest people to…show more content…
Guided by the Davis and Moore thesis, why would societies reward some people so much more than others (Macionis et al ,2015, p.199). The structural functionalism theory allows the connection to be made by equating the structure of the family with the statistics of people in

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