Structural-Functionalist Perspective Of Crime

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Etiology, simply defined is the study of the cause of a disease or abnormal condition ( Within this research paper, one will look at the many factors that cause someone to commit deviant actions that goes against the social norms. Moreover, crime and the punishment that are handed down to those that cannot conform to the communal standards that the majority of the population follows without reprimand. II. OBJECTIVE PRESENTATION OF THE SOCIAL CONDITION We can look at the sociological structures from our textbook Understanding Social Problems to help understand the reasons as to why people commit crimes. Under the Structural-Functionalist perspective sociologists believe that “crime is functional for
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With poverty being the most substantial factor in this writer’s opinion, because one can remove all other facets and keep only poverty, which still puts this particular social class in the most prevalent community to commit deviant acts. Although, with this research it has been found that another median exist that is not viewed as the standard definition of crime and punishment. However, is more powerful and more imposing on social norms then we as a society are willing to acknowledge and comprehend. Moreover, the median in question is greed and power that can be looked at through the history of this or any other culture or nation. With how to contain a growing population of prisoners America has transformed from a publicly or governmentally run prison facilities, into a shift to ever growing for profit private prison institution systems. In Addition, the increasing technological advances have begun to limit the anonymity of past criminals and restrict one’s ability to reenter into mainstream…show more content…
This would remove the question that ask if one has been convicted of a felony in their past. Although, this does not remove the ability to check the criminal background of a potential employee it does place guidelines that would help someone with a criminal background gain desirable employment. These measures take into account many factors such as how long it has been since the crime occurred, and what type of crime for what type of employment one is seeking. Some states have gone even further and implemented time limits for example convictions for felonies in the last ten years, and misdemeanors in the last five years. All of which will increase the hiring pool and increase the chances of a felon from not becoming a repeat
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