Structural Functionalist Theory Of Obesity Essay

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Obesity remains a growing epidemic that affects people who continually overindulge, causing weight gain which affects many countries and communities around the world especially the United States. During the last couple decade obesity has doubled and threatened people 's health because of adverse habits of overeating. Due to the advancement of mobile technology, fewer individuals perform physical labor. Instead, many people work from a computer where they spend long hours sitting at a desk consuming junk food non-physicality activity that leads to obesity. Consequently, some of the expense to the community regarding how obesity occurs causing medical complications of diabetes, heart attacks, and high blood pressure which produce expense on the economy. Preventing obesity educating individuals and families through the proper eating practices to prevent childhood and adult obesity. The study of sociology regarding obesity could use the theory of structural functionalism that analyzes obesity in the United States. However, millions of Americans remain obese and overweight which affect the whole body through fatty tissue that causes many conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and many types of cancer. Nevertheless, obesity in the United States leads to indirect costs of higher medical and psychological costs of around…show more content…
However, using structural functionalism of obesity and prevention through medical care is essential to a balance of a functioning society. Studying structural functionalism theory of the epidemic of childhood and adult obesity through on the risks and the impacts of overeating without exercising. However, to prevent obesity, there needs to be the balance between medical costs and educating the community of the risks and the consequences of indulging without proper physical
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