Structural Geology Essay

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Structural Geology is the branch of geology dealing with the structure and distribution of the rocks that make up the crust of the earth. It is the study of permanent deformations and rock failure created due to the changes in stress through geologic time.
The processes that result in the formation of geologic structures and how these structures affect rocks are studied in the structural geology. Simply it is the study about Architecture of Bedrock.

Geological structures are usually the result of the powerful tectonic forces that occur within the earth. These forces fold and break rocks, from deep faults, and build mountains. Due to repeated applications of forces like the folding of already folded rocks can create a very complex geologic picture that is difficult to interpret.
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Difference in attitude of two adjacent sets of beds
Remarkable difference in nature, type and age of beds
Occurrence of residual soil/bauxite/laterite along the unconformity surface. Laterite is a red soil produced by rock decaying.
Considerable difference in the degree of metamorphism of two adjacent sets of beds
Stratification correlation.

Types of Unconformities
Angular unconformities
Disconformities are usually erosional contacts which are parallel to the bedding planes of the upper and lower rock units. In this case, the lower set of beds have undergone denudation before the deposition of the overlying strata commenced.

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