Structural Racism

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1. According to the article, the difference between individual, institutional, and structural racism is: individual racism is examined as a social psychological phenomenon that based on the bias that might be created by different individual’s ideas and beliefs. While institutional racism is “based on a system in which the White majority ‘raises its social position by exploiting, controlling, and keeping down others who are categorized in racial or ethnic terms’” (Silva 1997: 466) The author considered racism as an institutional matter by using the example that the majority of the society might think minorities as colonists who are not belong to this society originally. At last, structural racism is a system regarding to politics, institutional practices, and cultural representation to strengthen the inequalities between different racial groups.
2. A real estate management company rejects multiple housing applications with "black sounding" names is institutional racism in which a white-dominated society/company choose to treat the black people unequally and reject their housing applications only because their “black sounding” names. It is a institutional racism because it is a form of racial discrimination created by a social institution that specifically targets black communities.
3. A group of students yell "go back to your country" to an Indian student is individual racism because the racial discrimination might be created by personal bias or stereotypes of a specific

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