Structural Strain Theory

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Deviant behavior is the behavior that is different from the most powerful norms of the society or can also be defined as odd or unacceptable behavior. In sociological way deviance is simply any violation of societal norms. There are many reasons why a person has deviant behavior which includes biological , psychological and sociological explanations. the most popular sociological theories are Structural Strain Theory which was developed by Robert K merton as an addition of the functional point of view on deviance.The theory discovers the origin of deviance that these are caused by the difference cultural and the ways people use to achieve their goals the theory of structural strains describes that “societies are characterized by both culture and social structure. Culture establishes goals for people in society while social structure provides the way for people to achieve their goals. society that has people uses acknowledged . And they have proper means to achieve the goals that society establishes. In structural strains the goals and means to fulfil them both must be balanced . Deviance occurs when goals and means are not balanced . this…show more content…
When groups of people are doing things at a level that is bad and is harming people . These norms can be disconcerting, confusing and painful. by bad deviation the normal day to day activities disrupted and the groups have to differentiate its behavior to respond to the deviant act. These norms are meant to maintain the social order and to provide a sense of living . The disruption is the fear of victimization. the last but most important point deviant behaviour is labelling that is most of the people after this are thought bad or good depending on deviation . and the group or that organization is always thought to be the same and not accepted by the society later . “Once the deviant label is attached, it is pretty hard for it to be
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