Structuralism Vs Generative Grammar

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Over the years it is observed that the study of language was a complex activity. One of the topics that have been asked is how language was developed and who are the main the main creators of different approaches or theories that study the language. The election of that topic was based on the idea of explain how is formed the structure of language and how important it is for the future. This essay evaluate the differences between the Structuralism, created by Ferdinand Saussure (1916) and the Generative Grammar found by Avram Noam Chomsky (1950) based on division of a series of criteria’s such as grammar, the linguistic sign and finally in the dichotomy between language and parole.
Structuralism is defined in words of Ross Murfin and Supryia
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Obviously, every speaker of a language has mastered and internalized a generative grammar that expresses his knowledge of his language. This is not say that he is aware of the rules of grammar or even that he can become aware of them or that this statement about his intuitive knowledge of the language are necessarily accurate”(Chomsky,A( 1965) Theory in Syntax).
As it could be observed in the previous paragraphs is clear the main difference between those approaches. Moreover another important feature that distinguishes both is the study of language. In Structuralism is noticed that language is analysed syntactically like a structure, in order to link each element in a structural manner, therefore the study of the language is done in a specific manner.
On the other hand, in Generativism has a totally different idea of how to analyse the sentence. The main contribution of Chomsky (1959) to that theory was the idea that language is like a tree structure so he believed that the corpus of the language is sictamactic .So the analysis goes from the biggest element in the sentence to the smallest
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In the first case Saussure (1916) established that it is formed by the signified and signifier. Each of them has different approaches to learn the language. In the signifier it could be found the phonetic and the phonologic so it is a proper way to understand what are the sound of the different words and interpret them in a correct manner. However the signified is created by the use of the morphology, semantic and syntax, which are the main features of language. But Generativism differs from Structuralism in that part of the study of language, the main reason of that opposition is that Chomsky (1957) propose an alternative in the linguistic sign, so the main goal of that approach was to offers a number of element that help to understand the language such as phonology and

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