Structuration In Sociology

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Sociology is the study of societies, and it is a social science among many others. Additionally, the study of sociology is a study consisting of many parts. Some of the more essential facets include social structures, social institutions, and structuration. The idea of social structures comes from the concept that society is organized into different groups based on similarity. The individual units of society are social structures (Deji 2011). For example, someone who is poor is part of the socioeconomic social structure called "the lower class." Social institutions are social systems made up of people that form the social behaviors of other people (Verwiebe). Social institutions are interconnected. Examples of social institutions include families and schools. To illustrate how a family might form social behavior, think of a parent correcting their child for misconduct. Structuration is defined as the way our behaviors and actions are influenced by society, and how our actions and behaviors impact society (Giddens, Dunier, Applebaum, Carr 2015). An example of structuration in practice would be fashion, current fashion influences one person, but it may be influenced by that person 's twist on it. Social structures and social institutions have shaped my decisions in many ways. Some of the different social structures I am in include white ethnicity, a male, from the upper middle class, I am a tall person, and I am sure that there are more. These have influenced my

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