Structure In Chinese Cinderella

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"Chinese Cinderella" - by Adeline Yen Mah How does Adeline Yen Mah show the negative relationship between her and her father in the text by her choice of language? Language is an extremely powerful took, and our use of language can greatly distort people 's perceptions and evoke deep feelings within the readers. The adjectives used, the way words are played with, and the deliberate sentence structure can help convey ones emotions better than plainly stating it, and the more talented you are as a writer, the greater you can convey negative and destructive emotions in an intellectual and celever manner. Each writer has their own way of expressing their thoughts uing their respective writing styles. In the case of 'Chinese Cinderella ',…show more content…
Immediately after he complimented her, we can tell that despite the fact that he 's proud of Adeline, he 's also surprised and shocked as he did not believe she was the one to win this prize. He first of all asks Adeline "Tell me, how did you do it?", and follows it up with, "How come you won?". His emphasis on the word 'you ' shows how he doesn 't believe in Adeline, and how he doesn 't have high expectations of her. This shows how he doesn 't quite know his daughter well enough to really be able to see her true potential, and it shows how he doesn 't truly treasure his daughter. This may also hint at the father 's disappointment in Adeline because he doesn 't believe she did it, so perhaps he never believed she could really do much or amount to anything, and that might be why he 's so ecstatic and proud of her - proud enough to invite Adeline into his room, which she earlier described as "The Holy of Holies - a place to which I (Adeline) had never been invited". Despite the fact that all of the interactions in the text can be understood superficially without delving deep, Adeline Yen Mah 's sentence structure and choice of language definitely change the meaning and message behind the words. Adeline Yen Mah might not be a flashy writer and she might not stand out as other writers, but her writing is well-thought out, and she writes in a crafty way, which is meant to make the readers analyze everything she writes. She is one of the many examples of how writers are like painters who are trying to paint the most
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