Structure Of Into The Wild

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Anyone can have a story in their life and can turn it into a book. Jon Krakauer wrote Into the Wild on what happened to Christopher McCandless and turned his story into a novel. Jon Krakauer´s structure his novel to let the reader have their own opinions on Christopher McCandless by stating the book is on his bias viewpoint, putting it in non-chronological order, and wrote about his own background life story, which is all important to strengthen Krakauer 's motive of writing his book. Into the Wild, focuses on the young individual named Christopher McCandless who hitchhiked to Alaska. Along the way, in his journey, he met new people and traveled in many places. Krakauer decided to write this story because he found himself intrigued on McCandless’s…show more content…
For example, Krakauer notes his bias on his “Author’s Note” by stating “My convictions...leave it to the reader to form his or her own opinion of Chris McCandless.” By leaving this message to the readers they will have their own objective on McCandless. Their thoughts on him will not be influenced on what is written in the book. Furthermore, knowing is on Krakauer’s perspective, the reader will be open-minded on McCandless. Krakauer based on his perspective on what he learns about Christopher McCandless furthered his motives to write this…show more content…
It is true that Krakauer mentions his own viewpoint of McCandless, but people can still have different opinions on him. For example, in chapter eight people have made up their opinions on McCandless base on reading the Outside article. They said he was “forsaken a loving family,” unprepared, not wise on going to Alaska, and was preparing to die (Krakauer 74). However, that point is not true because it was based on what they read from the article. By reading the article they only know the exterior of him and not know the reason why he went to Alaska. Also they will only base off their opinion of what they had read and will not want to know the real true form of McCandless. Therefore, people should not make up their mind by reading the article because people do not know the actual person he is. Krakauer structures his book to let the readers have an in-depth view of McCandless motives in going to Alaska. He chose to write this book because he and McCandless have a similar personality of wanting to connect to nature more and like the wilderness. Can writing a story base on your own opinion can have people’s mind be
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