Structured Procrastination Analysis

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Is there anything you really needed to do but couldn’t do it because of procrastinating too much? I believe procrastinating is not a very good thing. Since it is a human response to not wanting to do or complete an action, it gets in the way of achieving a fearful goal in life, or a certain task. Passages such as ,“A Stitch in Time,” and ,“Structured Procrastination,” give their side of what procrastinating is. In, “Structured Procrastination,” the author talks about what it is, how procrastination affects our lives, and what causes it. Procrastinating is a very negative thing in my opinion. It get in the way of doing necessary tasks. Also, in the passage, the author says, “students might choose a fun novel instead of studying…” By saying this, the author means that because of not wanting to do the task, students will do other irrelevant things to replace not…show more content…
The author says , “ the primary problem is that often people who procrastinate are found to either do a poorer job when trying to get tasks finished at the last minute , or they do not finish the tasks at all .” This is true because often people get occupied with the fear of not wanting to do the task, that they do not complete it. Another reason people could procrastinate is because of committing to too many tasks. This often leads to wanting to delay tasks which leads to a severe case of procrastination. It is difficult to break the habit of procrastinating so it 's better not to start. In conclusion, the authors of, “A Stitch in Time,”and , “ Structured Procrastination,” give very good arguments of why procrastination is not a positive thing. It gets in the way of completing tasks, leads to misconceptions of what type of person you are, and can spike up your laziness levels. As studies have shown, procrastinating is not a very good thing and nobody should stick to doing it. So, are you a
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