Struggle Between Odysseus And The Archetypes In Homer's Odyssey

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The fight between Odysseus and the archetypes is a continuous struggle; a struggle that occurred for ten years. This epic is known to all as The Odyssey. It originated orally from Homer, the most famous epic writer known to man, yet translated by Robert Fitzgerald. The Odyssey is about this mortal named Odysseus whom is trying to find his way home. He has to overcome many different challenges, along with archetypes. Odysseus must deal with the archetypes consisting of: the evil figure with a good heart, the temptress, and lastly the supernatural guide.

The evil figure with a good heart would be Polyphemus, the Cyclops. The land founded after their last, would be The Cyclops. “When all chores were done, he poked the fire… In the glare he saw
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“Son of Laertes and the gods of old, Odysseus, master of landways and seaways, dissemble to your son no longer now. The time has come…” ( Fitzgerald 994). Athena comes to Odysseus once he was in front of Telemachus. Only Odysseus could see her, gods and goddesses can choose whom can see them. She gives him a clean white cloak and knit tunic. She also fixed him physically; he was no longer bearded, and looked younger. Athena left as swiftly as she came. While Odysseus was away, many men resided in his home while eating his food. She had this blanket she would sew throughout the day. While everyone slept in the night, she would take it apart. She did this for many years, so she would not have to make the choice of a new husband. Before the thought of peace crossed Odysseus’ thought process, Athena assisted him, Telemachus, Eumaeus, and other loyal stockmen with killing all of his opponents. Eventually, peace is reached through the magic workings of Athena. Odysseus is reunited with his father, Penelope, along with the rest of his family. His kingdom is finally restored, peace is no longer a faint whisper. Athena watched and directed Odysseus throughout his whole journey, in which making her the supernatural guide.
The Odyssey is just an example of the many stories which use archetypes to establish a character's physical and mental traits that we see and notice. If archetypes were lost, literature would not equal the equivalence that literature reaches in modern day. With literature, we mentally escape our reality to enter another, which depends on whom or what the story is based or talking

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