Struggle For Identity In A Doll's House

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Discuss the evolution of Nora’s character and explain why the denouement of the play is then inevitable?

A doll’s house is a play that carries forward Ibsen’s theme of an individual struggle for identity when faced with tyrannical social convention, he allows us to follow Nora through her journey from a wife and a ‘skylark’ to her own individual. Ibsen acknowledges the fact that in the 19th century, women were expected to stay home, raise the children and attend to her husband revolving their lives and existence around their husband. Nora portrays this lifestyle playing the typical 19th century women conflicted between a sense of duty to herself and her responsibility to her family and social convention.
Nora is a dynamic character in this play, fitting Ibsen’s scheme of creating characters who struggle with "authentic identity” one that Nora fits perfectly. Her character changes through the play progressing from an inauthentic identity to an authentic, whole person. Through most of the play she displays a highly falsified and inauthentic character, one that developed due to the expectations of her surroundings, treating her father and later
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When he receives the second letter and says that he is saved and that he has forgiven her calling her his "little lark", his "little squirrel", and a child. Although his response was deplorable, it must be noted that Torvald’s whole identity is grounded in his role to society with no sense of self outside it, Nora’s lie has in effect put everything he cares about in danger and once he knows that that Krogstad won’t tell, the life he saw slipping away from him is brought back and he can then resume his place in his reality. Telling her that he forgives her is in his eyes a sincere concession, one that Nora cannot accept. She says, "I have to try to educate myself. You can 't help me with that. I 've got to do it alone. And that 's why I 'm leaving you now I 'm a human being, no less than you-or anyway, I ought to try
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