Struggle For Mastery In Jack London's Call Of The Wild

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Call of the Wild essay
“Buck stood and looked on, the successful champion, the dominant primordial beast who had made his kill and found it good” (London 43).The adventure story Call of the Wild by Jack London is about a dog named Buck that starts out as a domesticated pet and then he is forced to join a sled dog team. Throughout the book he hears the call of the wild in his mind and eventually when his ideal master and team dies, he goes through with answering the sounding of the CALL OF THE WILD and starts his new life with the wolf pack. As Buck goes through his retrogression, the theme Struggle for Mastery is observed over and over again. Once Buck was forced to join the team of sled dogs, he quickly realizes he wants to be the lead dog.In one part of the book when Buck killed Spitz, the leader of the team, he believed that he should be awarded the lead spot. Francois didn't want Buck to be in the lead spot. Both stubborn characters would not budge until about a hour later when Francois finally gave in and put Buck in the lead spot. Which is what Buck wanted.“Go ‘way, chook! he cried but Buck refused to budge” (London 45)This shows that Buck will be leader no matter where he is. he will
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When Buck meets up with the wolf pack, he begins to fight the pack one by one. At one point, the alpha wolf gives up his spot for Buck. “Buck writhing his lips into the preliminary af a snarl, but sniffed noses with him” (london 107). This soports my theme by he didn't have anyone to lead or had any pack to defend. So he would find a pack and worked his way to the top. Even if that means by killing and fighting his way up and killing the alpha dog. Just like he did to Spiz, Buck will do anything to be alpha.
This is my three reasons why i think the story Call of the Wild thame is struggle for mastery. And that he would do anything to be the master of anything and
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