Struggle For Power In Macbeth

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Twisted by power, Macbeth is a thrilling tale revealing just how far a man will go to retain his rule. “Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown And put a barren scepter in my grip, Thence to be wrenched with an unlineal hand, No son of mine succeeding. If ’t be so, For Banquo’s issue have I filed my mind,” Macbeth stated, showing his deteriorating mental state, and immense hunger for power. This play was a work of fiction, nevertheless the reality of the issue is all too real. This disastrous tale was written in 1606 by William Shakespeare, and was designed specifically for King James, who was renowned for hunting witches throughout his life. Capitalizing on the fact that King James despised witches, In Macbeth Shakespeare wrote about three…show more content…
In more civilized countries, such as the United States of America, elections are not violent, but the struggle for power is still very prevalent. Consequently, people get hurt, and political opponents may have their careers ruined by someone with different interests than them. This follows the same principle as Macbeth, as they both struggled for power and committed some level of wrongdoing to achieve their goals. Riddled with war and famine, less civilized countries may see more violent measures taken in the pursuit of power. Accordingly, people are wrongly killed just because their political views differ from someone else’s. This even more closely relates to the situation in Macbeth, because he murdered the current king in order to put himself on the throne. The most excruciating thing is the realization that things like this really take place today. Unjustly, people are murdered because of someone else’s lust for power. The crimes committed to acquire power are shameful, but the means they use to maintain the power can be even worse than the means they used to acquire

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