Struggle In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Throughout the novel Night, Elie and his father overcome many struggles. They overcame a lot of struggles most kids wouldn’t be able to go through most of the things they went through. The novel and the movie are very different though. The novel in my opinion is way better than the movie. Throughout the novel, Elie’s purpose in life changed from the beginning from the end. The novel is about a Jew and his father’s struggle through the holocaust and about them overcoming the struggles that they were faced. A few other characters in the novel are Yossi, Tibi and Moshi. Elie and Moshi were similar in the beginning because they both were into god. Moshi had gone to one of the camps before and when he returned to warn all the others about what the Germans were doing, none of the Jews believed him. Elie said that Moshi was no longer the same when he returned. Elie and Moshi are different in character because moshi wanted to learn about God or Kabbalah. Elie was pretty much forced into learning about it. Elie’s father had made Elie learn about God. Moshi was no longer a happy man, you could no longer see the joy in his eyes. He no longer sang. Most Jews thought that Moshi had gone mad or wanted pitty. Another character from the novel is Yossi, he was one of two brothers from…show more content…
Tibi was just about the same person as Yossi. They both wanted the same thing as to not live in Europe as soon as they get liberated. Elie and Tibi became friends when they were together at the camp. Elie wanted to escape from the camp. The three of them plus Elie’s father had come up with a plan that when they were liberated their goal is to get the heck out of Europe. They had made it through the selection process and when they were getting transported they got separated. Elie and Tibi seemed to be great friends. They were doing good for making it this far and they thought that they’ve come this far that they can’t give up
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