Struggle In Grey's Anatomy And Gender Equality

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Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. However, women have fought for their rights to be equally compared to men and to be civil. They both have the same civil rights; however, men are paid better and are treated better in the workplace. In some homes women are treated without dignity. Women can have the world at their feet. They have every opportunity to experience the life they want to live. Girls are excelling in schools doing better on formal exams than boys. They are achieving better grades than boys. Women are excelling in diverse college degrees and career fields. Why do women in the workplace have to be work harder to be treated equally, respected, and appreciated? Why do they get overlooked for promotions? Why do men get paid more to do average work while women work circles around men…show more content…
The good ‘ole boy’ system is still in utilized in most work centers. We need to establish the good ‘ole girl’ system where women connect and support each other. In this paper, I will introduce my artifact and give you a bit of insight into how women in the workplace struggle to get promoted, struggle to get ahead, be treated as an equal or better in the workplace. Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How The artifact chose for this paper is the television series “Grey’s Anatomy.” I have watched this series from the beginning. The series is a medical drama that centers around doctors living in Seattle begin their career as interns and shows how each male and female lives are intertwined. One particular doctor named Meredith Grey. She is the center of attention as the show is built around her life and her experiences create and mold the doctor she becomes. She establishes relationships with her peers and other doctors. The series executive producer is Shonda Rimes. The show is based on an actual anatomy textbook called Gray’s Anatomy. The show first aired in March 2005. This is

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