Struttin-Personal Narrative

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Slowly advancing towards my desk, I begin to study the faces of my colleagues; scowling in distaste with the world we live in. The long aisles of desks stretch forever, as i continue along the path towards my desk, the bleak walls slowly in case me in all its melancholic glory. The clock taunts me with its speed, forever at the same pace never changing unlike life. Report after report i file for the police, the stack never ends as the world fell into chaos long ago.

Timidly reaching into my desk draw, shuffling my hand around as i search for the last thing i remember before the world i knew crumbled away. A simple photo frame, the colour faded in age but you can still see as clear as day. A family standing in front of a cherry tree in bloom with our car in the background, prepared for eastertide in their plane white clothes. My family. Smiling, unaware of the chaos around them.Staring at the photo, my eyes transfixed on every detail could find. My eyes glisten in just the memory of the moment where everything I once loved and knew were ripped from me.
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Twin brothers, Herbert and Oscar Johnson were on trial for armed robbery and 12 counts of kidnapping. Herbert got sentenced to 30 years whilst his brother got off scot free. An error in the otherwise perfect judicial system. A battle half won today. I sit down and put my feet up on the desk and close my eyes. Not a thing could ruin such a day. My life was perfect. An amazing wife and kid, coupled with a job that protects the innocent and offers a fair trial to the guilty even when I know them to be guilty of their
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