Struture Funtional Theory: The Functions Of The Family And Community

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The struture-funtional theory aims to find out how the society works, how the family works, and what is the relationship between the family and the community which is part of it? To understand this theory, must answer three important questions; what are the functions of the family, what are the functions performed by the individuals to serve the family, and the third and final question is what are the needs for the family is trying to provide for their members? In addition, we should understand the relationship between the family and other social systems.
Our duty as parents is to provide everything our family needs of physical or emotional needs and encourage our kids to be good nucleus of the society. The duty of the family is direct the children to be cohesion which makes the family strong, coherent and with high principles that affect the community positively. The other duty as parents requires us to participate in all our kids activities and participate our
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The family is one of the most important institutions in the community for its close ties to the individual and the community, embodied in the core functions that provides through its sponsorship of the individual, and to ensure what they needs from the services, care and supervision.
In my family, we are trying to do our best by providing the appropriate atmosphere for success and build individuals rely on themselves to be successful generation can serve the community. Also, we work hard to provide everything they need such as school supplies, food, clothing, entertainment, and other necessities of life. In addition, we strive to provide a loving family atmosphere comes from respect each other, exchange of ideas, and freedom of expression. We thus seek to build a strong and successful generation.

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