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Q1. In Stag Case Study, the 3 key factors to impact on the business in the future can be discussed in two theories, namely SWOT and PESTEL. The SWOT analysis is a structured planning way to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats likely to impact on strategy development for analyses to identify the competition environment. Strengths are internal origins that offer an area to enumerate everything done right one by one or as an organisation. In this case, in 2011Stag is treated as one of the most popular Indian sports brand in table tennis in worldwide, No.1 table tennis equipment manufacturer in Indian, top 5 in global and low cost of operations, more easily for generating fund to expand business for more profit. It make…show more content…
The cultural web illustrates behavioural, physical and symbolic expressions of cultures that notifies and are informed by the taken- for-granted assumptions, or paradigm, of an organisation. Stories, past incidents and people talked about inside and outside factors the firm. Stag International was fourth generation family owned and led business as a globally acknowledged, manufacturer, supplier and export of sports goods and equipment. Product range includes Table Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Fitness equipment etc. Stag is a world leader in Table Tennis tables and flooring, which used in International level tournaments. Rakesh and Vivek Kohli are chairman and vice-chairman of Stag International. Rituals and routines manage daily actions and conduct of people that semaphore receivable behaviour. Stag participated in most, if not all, major table tennis events in the domestic and international circuits and reinforced its brand presence by way of Stag sponsored (and branded) team kits, equipment and events. International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) was the biggest, and by far the most internationally acknowledged, sports goods industry event for manufacturers, buyers and visitors from across the…show more content…
Stag produced the number one table tennis brand in India and was amongst the top five producers in the world, so the qualities are high reliability; financial systems are managed by Rakesh. Stag’s sales activities for the domestic market were being increasingly handed over to Pranav, leaving Rakesh and Vivek to focus more on exports and the company’s relationship with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). In reward, Stag’s account receivables/ collections activities were under the purview of the respective sales staff, with Raskesh as the escalation

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