Sttylistic Analysis Of W. B. Yeats's Poem What Now

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STYLISTIC ANALYSIS OF W.B.YEAT’S POEM “WHAT THEN” 1. Introduction This research study makes an attempt to analyze the famous poem “What Then” written by William Butler Yeats, an Irish and one of the foremost figures of the 20th century literature. It applies the various linguistic methods to the poem in order to critically appreciate it and analyses it stylistically. Firstly, it puts forward the objectives and methodology of the study. Secondly, it gives a brief review of the works that have been done so far in the field of stylistics. Next, it analyses the poem from many linguistic levels and finally, it mentions the conclusions and outcomes of the study in brief. 1.2 Aims and Objectives This research study aims at applying the linguistic (stylistic) methods to the poem “What Then” written by W.B.Yeats in order to arrive at accurate and a unique interpretation of the poem. In addition, it is aimed at analyzing the stylistic features of the poem that make it a unique piece of literature. 1.3 Research Question What are the Stylistic fearure use in WB.Yeats Poem “What Then” 2.Research Methodology This research study is qualitative because its aim is to interpret the text of the select poem. The selected poem will be analyzed stylistically at phonological, syntactic, and graphological levels of analysis. 3.Literature Review Stylistics, according to Khader, is the branch of (applied) linguistics that is concerned with the study of style in texts. Jaafar (2014, p.239) defines
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