Stuart Baum's The Boy Who Could Turn Into Things

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“Poof,” Brain, a shy overweight boy disappears but no one knows who he is, in the short story story “The Boy Who Could Turn Into Things,” by Stuart Baum. The maine character Brain is a very heavy hearted person. He feels like he is facing the world all by himself, and because no one notices him he has no one to back him up when life gets hard. I feel that Brain is heavy hearted because he is unnoticed, he has no friends, and he is lonely. Because of this I feel that Brain is very heavy hearted. The most obvious reason why Brain is heavy hearted is because he is very unnoticed. For example in class Brain is very smart and he raises his hand a lot in class but his teacher never calls on him. This shows that he is unnoticed because his teacher never sees him. Also when he all the sudden disappears in the middle of class no one knows that he is gone or even came to school that day. At the end of the story Brain disappears from the bus but only one person knows that he just saved someone's life. I think though that Brain could have at least a few friends if he was not as shy as he is, or it could be that if he could stand up for himself, but those are some reasons why Brain is so sad. Furthermore, Brain is heavy hearted because he has no friends. Towards the middle of the story a boy says…show more content…
He is lonely because no one notices him when he disappears. This shows that he is lonely because if no one notices him, no one is there to look out for him. Later in the story Brian wishes that he was a Red Winged Black Bird. He wished himself into this bird because this bird was noticed, and he wanted to be noticed. “But a whole day passed and he was in a nest alone, cold, hungry, and lonely.” This proves that Brain is lonely because not only that it states it but he changed into a bird and yet still no one noticed him at all and that makes Brian lonely because he is is trying.This shows that being lonely makes him feel heavy
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