Stuart Henry School Violence Beyond Columbine Analysis

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Stuart Henry’s “School Violence Beyond Columbine” is looking at the major aspects of violence, not just when it consists of guns in school, but from bullying. Henry uses multiple theories and applies them to the concept that school violence is broad and is composed of a continuous violence, not just one incident. Throughout Henry’s research, he finds that the violent situations are due to different social concepts in society, such as the social hierarchy in schools and the type of discipline used at home. When it comes to school shootings and extremely dangerous and violent behavior from students, most of these students were first victims of these different social notions known in today’s society. The reason Henry uses interdisciplinarity is to understand how all of the different type of behaviors generate school violence. Henry’s goal was to learn more about this major issue in our schools…show more content…
Henry states, “Although these levels of intervention are important, they alone are insufficient.” This statement clarifies the need for interdisciplinary study when discussing school violence beyond the classroom. What I have learned about disciplinary and interdisciplinary is that interdisciplinary mutli-pronged thinking that leads to a more incisive and thought out understanding of a certain subject matter. When I visualize disciplinary and interdisciplinary, I see disciplinary as looking through the cardboard roll paper towels are wrapped around. When looking through the hole, you only see a small perspective of what is in front of you, interdisciplinary is compared to looking what is in front of you with a camera. There a multiple angles and perspectives you can use to see images through a camera lens. Using a “camera” allows creativity that people will never be able to see using the cardboard paper
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