Stuart Voytilla By Joseph Campbell: Transformation Of A Hero

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Transformation of a Hero Joseph Campbell was a renowned mythologist, writer and lecturer, he introduced society to the idea of archetypes. Reflecting the work of Carl Jung, he showed his audiences how ideas that are held in the unconscious part of everyone’s mind are not only ancient but also shared by everyone. These idea are so powerful that they keep playing out in societies, and in history. One such archetype, the monomyth tracks what he calls the Hero’s Journey as Campbell explains, it is a metaphor for “the deep inner journey of transformation that heroes in every time and place seem to share”. This idea was again revised in “Excerpt from Myth and Movie, Stuart Voytilla” written by Christopher Volger. The movie Up clearly follows this…show more content…
As the journey continues, he is forced by events to slowly let go of his attachment and his memories of Ellie that he holds so dear. For example, the first time Fredrickson experience some change is after their successful escape from Muntz’s cave. He agreed to take the injured Kevin back to his children even though he is running out of time to reach Paradise Falls. This act gains friendship from his companions and suggests that he is more open-minded and kind. Unfortunately, next he loses Kevin to Muntz, who has tracked them down. When Russell then flies off alone to rescue Kevin, Frederickson realizes he has made a selfish choice, and consequently he is alone again. At this point of the film, the hero Fredrickson faces a dilemma; like the Hero, he must choose between two unpleasant choices. He can either give up his precious house and furniture to go rescue Kevin, or he can stay and fulfill his and Ellie’s dream. As Vogler explains, “The hero must choose between the Journey of a higher cause versus the personal journey of the heart.” When Fredrickson lets go of the memories and more importantly the fear of leaving Ellie’s memories behind him, he will then move on in his hero journey and past the ‘the road back’ stage. At last, Fredrickson sees what Ellie has written in her adventure book: “go have a new adventure for yourself now.” Only then does he have an epiphany and chooses the journey of a high cause which is saving Kevin rather than his personal
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