Stubbornness In Lord Of The Flies

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In the fictional story, Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, certain character traits empowered leaders to confront challenges successfully. Such as portraying responsibility and confidence or stubbornness. The first trait that demonstrates a powerful leader is stubbornness or confidence. Many times these being stubborn is considered to be a bad trait, but in a leader it can cause them to argue for things they think are right. They will not easily give in to others ideas, even if they know they are the wrong ideas. Jack has a bit of stubbornness that can that can sometime appear to be arrogance, such as when he says “We’ve got to have rules and obey them. After all, we’re not savages. We’re English and the English are the best at everything” (Golding 92). This quote depicts Jacks arrogance, saying that they are the best at everything. This will lead him to being stubborn, thinking his ideas are always better than other peoples, and fighting for what he believes is…show more content…
Ralph is more concerned with making responsible choices and not just having fun. He knows they can do certain things they can go in order to get rescued. Such as when he says “So as long as your hunters remember the fire” “you and your fire” (53). In this quote he is handing out jobs to people in order to maintain organization in the system. People do not want to listen to him and say that it's “his fire” so basically he should be the one to tend to it. Everyone else is worried about meant and going swimming. He is confronted with the challenge of survival, and instead of playing and trying to solemnly have fun, he makes a responsible choice to try and get rescued. To do this he lights the fire to give off smoke and draw a boat to the island. The responsible choices can lead to them being rescued, while having fun will not get them anywhere. Clearly with responsible choices, he can save the people on the
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