Student Academic Integrity

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Micah Koenigsberg
Dr. Jeff Raquet
ENGR 1202-M01
2 September 2015
The Code of Student Academic Integrity
All students partaking in any classes in the UNC Charlotte system are held to the UNC Charlotte Code of Student Academic Integrity statement and the rules set forth by the statement. Having academic integrity in the university will promote a healthy environment for learning and respect. Without it students, staff and faculty will loose respect and integrity, which will hurt the school and the learning environment. Teachers and faculty are in charge of teaching and practicing academic interring in the school.
Actions that violate the Agreement There are multiply was of violating the agreement such as cheating, fabrication and falsification,
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If it is your first time violating the agreement you most likely will receive the penalty from faculty, which can include a formal warning, a reduced grade on an assignment, a reduced final grade or a combination, all depending on the level of the violation. All offences will be put on file to keep track and make sure the student gets a worse penalty for multiple violations. If your first violation is deemed very bad the teacher can ask for an academic hearing form the Academic Integrity Hearing Board, but this is usually reserved for multiple offenders. If you do end up with a hearing from the Academic Integrity Board, whether your first violation was bad enough or it was your second violation, there are a few penalties they can give. They can suspend you from the school for a certain amount of time and keep the violation on file for a decided amount of time. If the violation was not in a course they still can suspend you and keep the violation on file. Also, they can fail you in the course and put an “X” on you transcript, which means you failed a course for some violation of the agreement. The “X” will stay there for a decided amount of time. They also can remove you from the university. If, after you graduate it comes to light you falsified information your degree can be revoked. All these are options for the Academic Integrity Board, but in general the penalty…show more content…
Frist, if a teachers finds evidence of any violations they contacts the Dean of Students Office to check whether this is a first or second offense. If it is a second offense or deemed so bad that more steps should be taken, the teacher contacts the Chairman of the Academic Integrity Board (AIB) for a hearing. If it’s a first offence the faculty member will meet with the student and show them the evidence of the violation. The teacher will fill out a settlement form with the penalty. The student gets three days to choose whether to sign the agreement or not. If they sign the penalty will take place and the form will be kept on record in the Dean of Students office for eight years. If they don’t sign, a hearing with the AIB will take place.
Steps of an AIB hearing. First a panel is selected, charges are written and a date is set. A student can challenge any person selected to be apart of the hearing. The hearing will attain to be fair to student and faculty and will try and find all the facts. First, the evidences will be shown from both the teacher and the student. Witnesses can also be used in a hearing. Once, the hearing has taken place and the student is found to be guilty a penalty will be decided. If decided the student is not guilty the case is over and only one report will be kept on file for a year.
If the verdict is guilty the students get three-business day to appeal the case, otherwise they deal with whatever
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