Student Academic Performance: Factors That Affect Student Performance

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2.1 Student Academic Performance
2.1.1 Definition
Student performance is the process of students using specific criteria to evaluate and reflect on their on work. Student academic performances is an important identification tools for higher education institution which can be gained by measuring the learning assessment and co-curriculum of each student (Usamah et al., 2013). Even though student performances has a wide definitions, but most of the previous researches refers it as the student measures of their success in learning. Success is defined as a demonstration of growth toward the mastery of a given content or a skill.
Student performance can be defined as their grade in examination. Student’s grade will give us the first impression on how well their study and preparation for examination (Hodara, 2014). There are 4 level of student performance which are slow learner, moderate learner, good learner, and excellent learner. At slow learner stage, student does not meet grade-level expectations. Student in moderate stage are at the minimal level because of inconsistent in studies but they meet the grade-level expectation. Next, at good learner stage, students are fully meets grade-level expectation. Lastly, student who exceed grade-level expectation in significant way and may benefit from extra challenges are in excellent stage.

2.1.2 Factors That Affect Student Performance

Most of researchers used Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) as their main variable to predict

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