Academic Achievement: A Short Summary And Analysis

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Achievement is the great outcome of education. It is the point in which the teacher and student has achieve their goals in education. Academic achievement is shown by the degree to which an ability or understanding has been obtain by an individual. (UK Essays, 2015 in J. Crow and T. Crow, 1964) Academic success is greatly influenced by the differences in characteristics and behavior of an individual (UK Essays, 2015 in Herron, 1975). The academic achievement of a students’ have a significant role in establishing high quality of graduates who will later on become the leader and manpower who will contribute to the country’s economic and social development (Ali, Norhidayah, Jusoff, Kamaruzaman, Syukriah, Mokhtar, Najah, &Salamt, 2010 in Lemessa,…show more content…
The success of teaching is due to the teachers qualities (HabermanandStinnet, 1973; Garret and Adams, 1969; and Aquino, 1974). In respect to that Bangbade (2004) said that the teacher’s characteristic has an important effect with the student’s academic performance. There are a lot of characteristics of a teacher that is recognized to be essential for students to be successful in school. Sanders and Horn (1998, in Bjurberg, 2014) insisted that classroom teacher is the most essential aspect in student’s academic success. The teacher who shows sociable and pleasant arranged work is more capable than those who don’t exhibit these traits (Klausmeier and Ripple, 1971 in Caseria, 2005). There is many teachers’ behavior that is related in having successful teaching and it includes kindness, liveliness, truthfulness, honesty and understanding (Klausmeier and Ripple, 1971 and Klausmeir and Goodwin, 1966 in Caseria, 2005). The personal qualities of a teacher are related with successful teaching (Klausmeier and Ripples, 1971). The teachers characteristic have a big significance on student academic success and it involves master of the subject, enough workshops, sense of humor, good communicator, open minded, relationship to others and good appearance (Adaranijo, n.d.). In relation to these, Ali (2009) noticed that characteristics of a teacher and academic success of students has a systematically important relation. Furthermore, Olaleye (2005) added that characteristics of teachers and performance of student has a connection. Characteristics of a teacher have effect to the instruction and education in the room (Adeyamo, 2005) and it is also the origin of student’s performance in high school. (Adu and Olantundun, 2007). In addition, according to the study of Cooper and Benis (1967 in Garcia, Kupczyski, &Holland, 2011, p. 2) “If certain patterns of teacher classroom behavior could be demonstrated to relate to pupil

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