Student Achievement Is The Great Importance Of Academic Achievement

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Achievement is the great outcome of education. It is the point in which the teacher and student has achieve their goals in education. Academic achievement is shown by the degree to which an ability or understanding has been obtain by an individual. (UK Essays, 2015 in J. Crow and T. Crow, 1964) Academic success is greatly influenced by the differences in characteristics and behavior of an individual (UK Essays, 2015 in Herron, 1975). The academic achievement of a students’ have a significant role in establishing high quality of graduates who will later on become the leader and manpower who will contribute to the country’s economic and social development (Ali, Norhidayah, Jusoff, Kamaruzaman, Syukriah, Mokhtar, Najah, &Salamt, 2010 in Lemessa, 2015). In addition, Academic achievement is perceived to be the direct outcome of learning. It is the notable indicator that learning has taken place (Lemessa, 2015). Farooq, Chaudhy, Shafiq and Berhanu (2011) the standard of maintaining students’ performance is the primary concerned of all the educators.Walberg (1981 in Farooq et al., 2011) “Determined three groups of nine factors based on affective, cognitive, and behavioral skills for optimization of learning that affect the quality of academic performance: Aptitude (ability, development, and motivation); instruction (amount and quality); environment (home, classroom, peers and television).”Academic performance is a complicated learner’s attitude and handles a few skills like

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