Student Ambassador: Poem Analysis

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I love working and shaping young students minds. From a young age, I had an interest in working with children, I desire to be a school counselor and want to help them with their problems and be a mentor to them. I truly believe I have the experience and the personality to make this my reality.
I started out college as an elementary education major, I had a passion for teaching, and completed 100+ hours of volunteering. I shadowed teachers and truly believed that teaching was my desired career path. I have experience in different grade levels such as pre-k, kindergarten, and the 2nd grade. Student teaching was an amazing experience, I learned that I am patient, caring ,and the students really respected me as an authority figure, all characteristics I plan to take with me into school counseling. Even though, teaching was a great opportunity,
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I learned about the program through friends and decided to sign up. It was an amazing experience. As a Student Ambassador, my confidence grew and I loved meeting the prospective new students and showing them around campus. My self esteem also grew more because I no longer was shy, I loved giving tours and helping the students in any way I could have. Also, this semester, I submitted a poem to the Creative Outlet. Writing has always been a passion of mine as well as poetry. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out it was chosen for publication.
I desire to be a school counselor because I have the passion for helping others. I respect the students feelings and would never betray their trust unless it was a harm to others or their selves. I would let them know they shouldn 't be scared and I would never judge them. They would feel safe with me. I expect graduate school to be very intense but completely satisfying in the end. The reward of knowing that you helped a student overcome a difficult time in their life will definitely be worth the journey of graduate
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