Student Athletes Misunderstoid Essay

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In today’s society student athletes are often seen by others in a harsher light. They are viewed as having an expansive ego or being acquainted with a multitude of friends. Many athletes are believed to push their bodies to the limit when they attempt to improve their musculature and pay careful attention to their diets. The reality is that all of this is far from the truth as not all athletes are perfect. In fact, Athletes as whole are often misrepresented and misunderstood in today’s culture. The truth is that they are far closer to the Average Joe than one may think. As noted on the website Student Athletes, “At the end of the day, when the jerseys are off and the footballs are put away, these young adults are just like every other student.” Most people believe that athletes have a very bloated ego, and that may be easy to believe due to the…show more content…
Studies show that college level professionals can focus more on their sport than their grades not out of enjoyment or wanting to improve themselves, but rather from the belief that they need to do so to fit into some social construct. For this very reason many athletes don’t make it far through their college education and profession. Most either stop the sport and continue on or drop from the college due to failing grades and this causes damage to that person’s life that cannot be amended. This focus from all of the stereotypes made on them also pressure them to excel at their sport and push them too far. They could become stressed or anxious and this could lead to a multitude of other physical and mental problems. This could in turn translate to overworking themselves to the point of injury or injuring others. These feelings could turn to anger against the individual or their peers, building to the point of an explosive release. Too many consequences come from how others view and ridicule the athlete in

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