Student Athletes Persuasive Research Paper

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Nowadays it’s very hard to find students who have never played a sport in their life, it seems like almost every student in America has been apart of a team sport at some point. However, the larger part of those athletes will choose not to continue playing for their high school programs (Outside The Lines). Sports are thought to build character, keep the athletes in shape, and give them opportunities to succeed in the future. Parents are often strong advocates for their student athletes, especially early on when they think they are too young to make their own choices. It’s very common that the parents of the athletes are the ones who decided what sport they were going to get their child involved in, perhaps because it was the sport they played,…show more content…
Although these parents are correct up to the point where they may not realize that quitting the sport could close several open doors for them to succeed in the future, overall it’s better to let the student athlete feel that they have a say in the decision. It shouldn 't be one sided, compromise and communication can lead to a better experience with the sport for both the player and the family. Talking with one another can help prevent any signs of unhappiness and the idea of leaving a sport that they love. Jeanne Goodes wrote, “While the youth athlete may not realize the true reason for his or her sudden lack of interest in the sport, as a supportive parent, it is our responsibility to talk to and listen to our children, while helping them work through the issue.” Of course there are some people who would disagree with the assertion that it’s okay for students to not participate in sports because they think that sports help balance out their lives and teach them new skills that books won’t, there are also parents who think it’s perfectly fine to have students not be apart of the youth athletic scene. I think as long as your child stays active who cares if they play a sport! I think it 's mostly for the parents who enjoy watching the games and their child
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