Student Athletes Should Get Paid Essay

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Being a student athlete is hard wherever you go. With practice, games, team activities, and not to mention school there is always a lot on their plate. Being a student athlete especially at a Division 1 level is considered a job based on how much time is invested in it. Since it is a job why not pay the clients who work very hard for you? Universities makes millions off student athletes ever year, in 2008 Alabama was first in total revenue made by their athletic department totaling over $123 million in tickets, donations, and media rights and many other categories. Having high revenue, you will also have high expenses, as Alabama once again was first with over $123 million due to paying coaches, recruiting, and other things (ESPN, 2008). This…show more content…
These kids leave school early to get paid for playing. Just think if student athletes were paid many of these kids would stay for three even four years at a university because they would be getting paid. With being in school longer these kids would be able to get their degrees if they work hard. The chances of all these kids going to the draft and being successful for a long time is not very likely so these kids need a backup plan, and that is where the degree that they earned comes to play. If these kids go to school for a year then leave the chances of them getting a degree is high unlikely so what are they going to do when they are done play? Paying these athletes will make them stay in school longer, educate them and give them a chance to enjoy college before the real-world hits. Even with this people may say why pay these students who carry a 1.0 GPA? That is a very valid point, so if student athletes do get paid in the future there should be some type of rule or something that the players can only get paid if they are meeting a certain GPA. This will keep the players hungry and eager to keep working hard knowing that there is a reward at the end of the
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