Student Centric Curriculum Design

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Student Centric Curriculum Design and Implementation – Challenges & Opportunities in Business Management & IT Education

Dr. P. S. Aithal
Srinivas Institute of Management Studies, Pandeshwar, Mangalore – 575 001, INDIA
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Student-centric curriculum design and implementation in higher education system are getting importance due to the reason of creating employable and skilled graduates who can take optimum decisions for industry problems and who can lead technocrat society. Even though student-centric curriculum is essential in all areas of higher education, it became essential in business management and information technology due to the fact that these areas are changing at a faster rate due to the enhanced
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Understanding existing knowledge and creating new knowledge are two essential and central aspects of higher education design and implementation model to solve problems in various fields of the society. Both these aspects must be taken as objectives while planning and designing curriculum in higher education system. By giving equal importance to the student’s knowledge enhancement and student’s involvement in new knowledge creation, higher education can reach its goal. Student centric curriculum design and implementation should focus on imparting the information in respective subjects effectively to enhance the knowledge of the students and utilizing these knowledge to progress further by creating new knowledge through research. Thus the two essential ingredients of student centric curriculum design and implementation are again innovation in knowledge imparting methodologies and involvement of students in research. Improvements in course definition, subject identification, information collection and presentation, choosing effective pedagogy for teaching & learning, involving students in research through course design, and developing effective examination & evaluation system are essential requirements in higher education curriculum design and implementation.…show more content…
The collected information by teachers and students in the form of study materials, assignments should reach the learners as knowledge. Conversion of information of chosen subjects of the course into knowledge of learners through effective pedagogy is essential feature of higher education.
(4) Choosing Effective Pedagogy for Teaching & Learning :
The effective methods of information imparting to the learners should be developed and used in higher education system depending on the nature of course and the subjects to be offered in the course. Choosing the effective pedagogy which is student centric and has assured success of enhancing knowledge is real challenge for higher education institutions and its teachers. Various pedagogies are currently used as well as under development using innovative teaching –learning models, information communication technology, multi-media technology and experimental learning

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