Student Competition: Why No One Wins When Everyone Wins

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Imagine a world where everyone would get a trophy for participating in sports. The world would be a bad place to be in because every kid would expect trophy even if they didn 't work hard. More and more sport districts are starting to do this method, and this method is not right. This is not a good thing to do for kids because kids will have unhealthy competition, Participation trophies will not show that you worked hard to get it and Kids get stuck on always getting a trophy when one day the won 't and they will be heartbroken. Although some may argue that always winning and getting a prize is a good thing because it will boost a kids confidence. But it has been proven that this will hurt the child more that it can help them. Overall everyone winning and getting a trophy is a bad idea.…show more content…
According to the article “Student Competition: Why No One Wins When Everyone Wins” it states “If everyone is placed on a unilateral performance scale, then students may never be motivated to challenge themselves. By creating opportunities for healthy competition, students are given a reason to try harder and to do better. Another significant benefit to competition is the lessons students will learn from losing. It is okay if they are upset because they lose. What this will do is serve to teach that they don’t need to be afraid of losing—that at some point everyone goes through a loss. This is just one of the many bad things that can hurt kids during
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