Student Council Challenges

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The challenges I have faced influenced my academic performance and guided me into pursuing my college education. My junior year was a struggle for me. I decided to challenge myself like I have never been challenged before. I took on an honors class that I clearly wasn 't ready for, but I stuck with it and was determined to finish. In the beginning the intensity surprised me and I did not do as well as I would have liked to. Instead of giving up, I decided to commit more time every night, work harder and get help for the topics. I did not understand. I wanted to prove to myself that I had what it takes to be as successful as I wanted to be. I turned a class, that I thought I would never pass, into a grade I was incredibly proud of. I had worked harder than I have in any other class. It showed me that you need to put your hard work and effort into everything you do to be successful.…show more content…
Even now as a senior in high school I struggle with moments of immense shyness. I had become accustomed to falling into the background so when I was asked by a teacher to join the student council my senior year of high school, my instinct was to say no and let the opportunity go by me. I decided to take a leap and it is already a life-changing experience for me. Student Council is an experience I feel will greatly impact my life goals and college education. It is important considering it has helped with my organizational skills, time and project management, and idea sharing. It not only built up my social and leadership skills, but my self-confidence has soared, which has been most essential to me. Student Council has let me be a part of change such as our food drive, that not only benefits my school but my community, as well. I know it will guide me in college, helping me make new friends, helping me to express my ideas in papers and discussions, and it will help me become part of different clubs or
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