Student Debt Benefits

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a similar group in 2010, found more college correlated with less dementia” (Belluck). This shows that college can have a beneficial impact for mental health. By going to college, a person is less likely to live an unhealthy lifestyle, and may keep their cognitive health for longer.
The most common counter argument is, that college is too expensive and people do not want to pay off student loans for the rest of their life. Author, Sandy Baum writes about how student debt affects individuals in the book Student Debt: Rhetoric and Realities of Higher Education Financing. “It seems quite clear that student debt has generated serious harm to some individuals” (Baum 70). In stating this, most people do not want to go to school because they believe
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In some cases, people who do go to college still end up working in low paying jobs, but no job is a definite with a college degree or not. When a person goes to college they should consider all the majors their school offers and the potential job prospects of choosing that major. If a person goes to college to become a freelance artist versus someone who goes to school to become an accountant, there is going to be way more job opportunities for those who studied accounting. In addition to college graduates not getting a job of their preference, school can also be costly. People are intimidated to go to college because they are afraid of not being able to pay off student loans. It is a common misconception that students have to go to private or ivy league schools to get a good job in the future, but that is not true. If a person is worried about paying off student loans there are other options such as community college, or commuting to school. The statistics do not say that a person has to go to an expensive college to get a good job, the statistics say that any sort of college education can lead to better job prospects. Overall, a person has to be smart about choosing a major to get a good job, and college does not have to put students into serious

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