Student Debt Case Study

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In 2010, a study from “The Hamilton Project” showed that one in five American households possessed an outstanding student debt. It also tells that the amount of students loans grew by 77% between the years of 2002 and 2012. The growing concern of paying for a secondary education in the United States has become more prominent, yet no solution or serious attention has been given to this cause from the government and university leadership. In order to better our country, more emphasis needs be placed on reducing the costs of paying for a university. This course of action can only come from a change in values from these two groups to to focus once again on the principles used during the founding to create a “good society”. Both Sandel and Washington have shared that emphasis in welfare, freedom, and specifically virtue will direct our country in the direction it needs to go. From developing these values, our education and federal leaders will help address the problem, and subsequently solve the…show more content…
The only way this will come about is if the values are changed in these two groups and they focus more on those ideals and values brought up by both George Washington and Michael Sandel. Protecting freedom, promoting virtue, and most importantly maximizing the welfare of the citizens will help develop the right mind set to realize the magnitude of this issue and the importance of solving it. Student debt and the rising costs of a secondary education is an issue that have never had to have been dealt with in The United States’ history, but if each group will revert back to the model and principles described by George Washington and later echoed by Michael Sandel that were needed in the founding and continuing of this country, both the officials of the government and colleges will be able to work through this challenged the people have been faced
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