Student Loan Forgiveness

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Forgiveness of Student Loan Debt On a global scale, there is a large amount of people who are unfortunate in the sense that they are all regrettably faced with the issue of the struggle to pay for a proper education. Seeing as those who struggle are unable to pay on the spot, whether it be because they are financially independent adolescents or their families have low financial income, a majority of said strugglers resort to applying for student loans. This allows them to receive an education for the time being, but it still must be paid for eventually. As a result, every student who takes a loan for schooling will be in debt until everything that has been borrowed is paid off. Thereupon, student debt is generally defined as a type of debt …show more content…

Loans allow receiving a college education seem like a smoother process considering that such a hefty amount to pay is divided so that it can be paid for in moderation. Despite the fact that it’s split into many payments, it’s still a large quantity all in all so unless indebted students aim for high income jobs, there would many years of difficulty to come after college. For this reason, undergraduates make it their goal to go after jobs which would prevent them from being constantly pressured to pay off debt. Thus, student debt is both a crisis and a reason to encourage persistence towards greater ambitions (Hillman, 41). It is a tremendous thing when a student seeks to be financially comfortable or even rich in the future but not when it is for the wrong reasons. Although it is something to be thankful for since the number of people who can manage to pay at once is low, education is also something to be thought of as a priority that everyone should be worthy of even if it can’t be …show more content…

And in between, students are driven to take low paying and high paying jobs against their own consent, their interests are altered, personal decisions must be taken according to financial situations, and people dare to reject education (Choi, 32). Student loan debt weighs on billions of shoulders in the world and it is nearly impossible to be oblivious to all the harm that it has done and all the factors it takes part in affecting that it shouldn’t. If awareness could be raised and colleges would only consider to at least reduce tuition rather than eliminate it, that would still help do the nation well and commence improvement. An education must serve to inspire imagination and to motivate creativity in as many fields as possible. A society that is excellent is a society that presents opportunities for each and every member. Having educated people is crucial to a community and a society should be more than eager to pay to educate and enlighten them (Wiener,

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