Student Debt In College

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“With more than $1 trillion in student loans outstanding in this country , crippling debt is no longer confined to dropouts from for-profit colleges or graduate students who owe on many years of education”. Students or future college students are struggling to figure out solutions to pay off college debt. With rates increasing every year , it is becoming extremely difficult to receive an education and overcome tremendous debt at the same time. However , there are several possible solutions that can help solve the issue of high tuition fees. The first solution is to attend a group called the Scholarship Sharing. It is an organization that discusses strategies on how to receive multiple scholarships and grants to reduce college debt and funds. Another solution is to get a part time job as a high school student to get a head start on future college debt and funds. The third solution would be to receive student loans from the government to pay off tuition and fees that quickly arise. Attending Scholarship Sharing would be an excellent solution…show more content…
The best solution is to join the Scholarship Sharing organization created by Lorraine Santalucia. Her solution will benefit any student dramatically because it can help any student graduate debt free. Her strategy is extremely efficient in time while attending college , meaning that no time is wasted for saving money for future college education. In the article it says , “ I would apply for 10 to 20 scholarships at a time “ (Gormus 11). The amount of scholarships that is acquired is added up to a great amount of money that a student can use towards their college education. Santalucia says ,” Its worth it to apply for every opportunity , even the ones that are small and may not be a lot to you. If you get a $500 scholarship , that $500 you didn 't have before “ (Gormus 12). This is the best solution because it has absolutely no negative , but the opportunity cost is using your free time to fund for college fees and
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